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Song of the Week [#142]

I’ve listened to this song many times since the album released a few days ago. Max Richter, thank you for bringing a deep connection to music and the ability to dream.


My Top 5 Favorite Current Shows

Although I don’t have as much time to invest in watching television series as much as I used too, there are still some new series released in the last few years that are worthy of my time. Here’s a few current shows that have inspired me and helped see our world in different frameworks. In order for each show to be eligible for this list, they all have to be currently airing and/or renewed for another season (at the time of this writing, August 2018).


5. Travelers

The future is bleak, and travelers are sent back in time to help change the events that led up to their own current world. There are missions they must complete, though not all missions are simple – difficult choices must be made that makes you question how the past, present, and future impact us. The cast of characters are highly diverse and each have their own struggles, which helps provide a deeper understanding of why people behave certain ways and that perspectives are not a matter of bad or good, though rather why they made the choices they decided to make. By the beginning of Season 2, the reality of science fiction and the world we live in suddenly take a deeper turn that may be one of the first shows to address a traumatic time in our recent history that has seldom been shown on television. I won’t reveal any spoilers!


4. The Man in the High Castle

What if the Nazi regime had won World War II? This series provides a reality in which this was the outcome, which eerily tries to establish a feeling of normalcy in the beginning of the series. While the idea of this reality is certainly troubling, sequences later on in the show show that there is much more going on that just what is happening. If you are feeling a little down about our own world, try watching this show and you’ll realize that life could be much worse!


3. 3%

Probably the least known show out of the list, 3% follows a group of individuals who are trying to overcome a series of challenges in order to make it to the “promised land”.  Imagine if Fermat’s Room, Cube, The Hunger Games, Divergent, and The Maze Runner were put together into a television show. This is somewhat of the show, though Season 2 strongly diverts from the premise of the first season as its focus shifts into the “promised land”. This show makes you question what is fair and just, and the blurred effect between good and evil.


2. The Expanse

Although the first few episodes take awhile to create a cohesive narrative, the dichotomy that is revealed from the vast array of characters and factions keeps you compelled to keep watching. This show is quite possibly one of the best outer space science fictions shows I have seen. Earth, Mars, and The Belt are at odds with one another, and different characters from each location help provide the reasons behind these conflicts. However, a turn of events soon makes each faction question whether their current trajectory is on the right course, or destined for doom. My personal favorite story arc is Shohreh Aghdashloo’s character, Chrisjen Avasarala, who is Secretary-General of the United Nations. Her presence commands the screen and I personally hope she will be featured more in future seasons!


1. Long Lost Family

The show that helped me decide to research more of my family history and connect with cousins I never knew and long-lost cousins I have yet to meet! These individual narratives bring the best of humanity to the forefront and provides a deeper understanding on the importance of identity, feeling a sense of belonging, forgiveness, and the realization that you are more than what you think you are. A touching show that I look forward to every season. Currently there are new seasons being filmed in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Honorable Mentions: The OA, We’ll Meet Again.

TED Talk Spotlight [#1]: Peace is possible.

Recently came across this TED Talk about how one teenager became involved with a Neo-Nazi group, and how he ended up leaving the group many years later. A beautiful story about how uncertainty-identity can create internal conflicts that may manifest into going down a dark road. A must watch!

Inspiring quote from the speech: …”It’s our disconnection from each other. Hatred is born of ignorance. Fear is its father, and isolation is its mother. When we don’t understand something, we tend to be afraid of it, and if we keep ourselves from it, that fear grows, and sometimes, it turns into hatred.” – Christian Picciolini

Song of the Week [#141]

This week’s song (or should I say this year’s song.. haven’t done this in awhile…) is the soon to be classic Max Richter – On The Nature of Daylight, which is by no means a new song.. though the video certainly is! Haunting and powerful.. the song (and video) won’t ever fade away…

Poem: The Broken Bridge

I tried to connect you between two worlds
Though the weight was just too much to bear
I wanted you to walk all over me
And instead you didn’t even have a chance.

Over the years my design has deteriorated
I thought I would advance until I realized
Corruption is superior.

My construction was meant to last 100 years
Though through negligence I lived in fear.

Little by little, inside I was crumbling
Soon, the cracks began to appear.

Someone noticed me in pain
Tried to help me and left a voicemail again.
At last, a response came much too late
I could not control my own fate.

I was left alone
Broken inside
The heavy toll on me
Could no longer be undone

I held on as long as I could
Though without a strong foundation of love
I could not stand still.

I was built much too fast
Without a support system to keep me alive
I had to breathe on my own
Before my cables were aligned.

In an instant I fell down
The concrete that seemed solid as a wall
Could not make it through the fall

My design had many imperfections
In the process I ended up not only hurting myself
The pain spread, unable to change my intention.

I broke down that day and took many lives with me.

Now I exist solely as a reflection
To be analyzed, cleaned up
Then soon forgotten.

Life can never be fully repaired
Because if I dared to say
That I was not responsible
You knew too well
That I would not survive at all.

I must live with the fact
I am only as strong
As the people behind me
Who will stand there beside me
Through every decision where I became bound
To hold up the lies and politics
That seemed to be common ground

No matter how strong I appeared to be
I am and always will be the broken bridge
Nothing can ever take that away from me

Now I am free.

The cost?
Beyond belief.
Written by Silvercube
In memory of the souls who perished on March 15, 2018.

Quote of the Week [#162]

“Look at what your idea of success would be. The more that you take in external motivators, the more it reduces your ultimate satisfaction because it doesn’t come from inside.”

– Chris Messina

Poem: We Are Not Alone

Society constructs us
Or do we construct ourselves?

Placed into territories
Familiar, and at the same time, unrecognizable

I grew up unaware of many social constructions
The divisions,
The hate,
Too much destruction. Read the rest of this page »