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Why I changed trajectory: From working in the video game industry to becoming a change agent for peace

hereGrowing up, I loved video games, and enjoyed reading video game magazines. During my teenage years, I thought I would end up working in the video game industry. Whether it was to be a video game journalist or at a video game developer or publishing company.

Around 2007, the trajectory shift began that was pulling me away from the video game industry. Video game magazines started to cease publication: such as Xbox Nation, GameNOW, Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine,  Tips & Tricks (one of my favorites), Electronic Gaming Monthly (which ended up being revived), GamePro, Nintendo Power, and play (to name a few).

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Xbox 360: The Video Game System That Truly Has Gone “Full Circle”

indexI remember reading video game magazines before the launch of the Xbox 360 in North America back in 2005, and there were so many amazing features that really enticed me to buy one as soon as possible.

There was also a strong game launch line-up, including games such as Amped 3 (which was a phenomenal and hilarious snowboarding game including references to Final Fantasy VII and other video games), Kameo (underrated action-adventure game), and Perfect Dark Zero (the multiplayer was fun, especially seeing old maps, such as Facility, re-done), and Dead or Alive 4, which was released a few weeks later.

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2015: A Look Back and Brief Preview of the Future


As 2015 soon comes to a conclusion, a brief look back into the year for any curious readers (and for my own memory) is presented below.

The beginning of January started off with a social justice trip to Thailand, where I visited Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Chiang Rai. I volunteered as a teacher, learned more about human trafficking and visited a shelter, and did so much more (which would take too long to write).

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Quote of the Week [#160]

“The grass is always greener on the other side, until you get there and realize it’s because of all the manure.”

– Paul Angone

Picture of the Week [#137]

This week’s picture is from my personal collection: I recently went on a safari in South Africa and quickly snapped a photo of these majestic elephants:

Quote of the Week [#159]

“The thing about chameleoning your way through life is that it gets to where nothing is real.”

– John Green

Top 10 Tips For Stressed Students To Succeed In College & University

If yolightu are pursuing a degree in college or university, chances are you may be stressed out for a variety of reasons. Whether it is because you are low on funds or there is too much homework, there is a tip in this list for almost all students.

This list are some of many tips from my personal culmination of my college and university experiences over the years (from Bachelor’s, to Master’s, and PhD):

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