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My Top 10 Games of 2007

Many websites seem to have these nowadays, while some go the extra mile and have the top 100 games of all time. But however you look at it, someone is bound to not agree with the list. Which is why I made my own top 10 list, to show what I felt was the top 10 best games of the year- in my own opinion. I only listed the games that I have played as full games. I will also have an honorable mentions- which may include games I have yet to play, or games I have played that include a mention. Some games are not included at all because I just do not like them/or the genre. Feel free to let me know what your top 10 games of this year was!


10. Bullet Witch- Xbox 360

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Why: Believe it or not, this game was released this year. Bullet Witch recieved many negative reviews- & that is alright. But I enjoyed this game. I loved the magic spells, I liked the story line. What I loved most about this game was that it was new. Was it a perfect game? No. But for those that saw through it to the end were rewarded with a decent storyline and awesome boss battles.

9. DDR Universe 2- Xbox 360

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Why: I spent 11 hours straight playing this game, and I have not done that with many games. The songlist was much improved over its previous game, DDR Universe. Interesting to note- DDR Universe did come out in 2007, but to be honest- it really was not that good of a game.

8. Aegis Wing- Xbox Live Arcade

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Why: Not only was this game free, but the gameplay was fun, and had multiplayer up to 4 players-which made teamwork a necessity. The powerups were great, and the graphics even better.

7. Sin and Punishment- Virtual Console (Wii)

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Why: Previously released only in Japan, I had always wanted this game on Nintendo 64. When it was released for Virtual Console, I immediately downloaded it. I had a really fun time playing this game, and it still holds up quite well considering it is an old game.

6. The Orange Box- Xbox 360

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Why: The main reason why I wanted this game was Team Fortress 2. I still have not completed Half Life, or even touched Portal- laugh all you want, but there is nothing out there like Team Fortress 2. The graphics and characters were really special. The game overall is definitely a great value. A must buy.

5. Blue Dragon- Xbox 360

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Why: Many people did not even bother to try this game once they played the demo. What they missed out on was a great story filled with spectacular cut-scenes. I personally logged in over 60 hours into this game, and enjoyed it very much. The soundtrack still rings in my head. I really liked the graphics in the game as well.

4. Bomberman Live- Xbox Live Arcade

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Why: I was eagerly awaiting this game, and it did not disappoint. With many costumes and gameplay modes to choose from, and downloadable content, this definitely was a worthy purchase.

3. Boom Boom Rocket- Xbox Live Arcade

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Why: This game must be played- especially now with the recent downloadable patch which enables you to use a DDR mat or Scene It controller. Furthermore, a downloadable Guitar song pack was just released for free, which enables even more replayability. I personally have logged over many hours into this game, and if you were to look at my 360 voice blog, you will see for yourself. This game combined hypnotic graphics with wonderful music. A must buy for any music/rhythm fan.

2. Lumines Live- Xbox Live Arcade

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Why: Granted this game was released in the end of 2006, but I just had to include it in this list. Microsoft dropped the price to only $10 very recently, and furthermore re-released one of my favorite songs ever, Heavenly Star- for free as a downloadable song. Recently, a Rockin’ Holiday song pack was released, and I immediately bought it. The pack was amazing, and featured some really cool songs and backgrounds. This game is perhaps one of the best games in existence.

1. Halo 3- Xbox 360

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Why: I had been waiting for this game which seemed like forever, and when launch day came, I went down to Gamestop to pick up my Legendary edition. The experience of launch, along with playing this game with my great friends- have made this my number one game of the year. Granted, I do not like all the maps, but the gameplay is terrific, and the many options-including forge and theater mode makes this game a masterpiece.


Honorable Mentions: Bioshock, Super Mario Galaxy, Call of Duty 4, Nights: Journey of Dreams, Mass Effect, Rock Band, Eternal Sonata, E4, Beautiful Katamari, DDR Hottest Party.


So what are your top 10 games of 2007?




3 responses

  1. i love your top 10! bullet witch, DDR, halo, aegis wing*good times*, and halo are all awesome i havent played the other ones. I wanna get bioshpck, mass effect, COD4, rock band*which lewis is thinking of getting^_^*, enternal sonatat and beautiful Katmari*which i wont get cuz lewis hates that game:(*

    December 10, 2007 at 10:41 am

  2. Thank you! I spent quite awhile on this article. I am sure in time you will play all of them. I am so happy you got DDR Universe 2! ^_^

    December 10, 2007 at 2:41 pm

  3. Out of those games I have played Super mario Galaxy, Nights: journey of dreams, and Halo 3.

    January 6, 2009 at 4:06 pm

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