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Memoirs of a Cube [#2]

Is it possible to write about other things besides the entertainment world? I suppose- which is why for this specific memoir I will discuss what I do in my “real life.” Hi, my name is Juda- and I am currently 19 years old. I am in my second year of college- and in May 2007, I transfered over to a local private college in hot humid Florida, called Touro College South.

I began my adventure enrolling in the first summer session, and wow has time flown by. In the fall semester- in which I am currently in, I have been taking six courses- one being Karate. Although the days in which I am in college (Every Tuesday and Thursday) are quite long at times, I really do enjoy learning and being educated. I still have much learning and growing up to do.

Recently, I decided to join the Psychology Club- which had its first meeting this Thursday night. I am very excited about it. There are four positions available to choose from- and I may decide to become Treasurer or Secretary- since I am quite organized.

Anyways, I am also working diligently on our college newspaper- which just started this year- and hopefully the first issue will be published very soon. College is a very important step in one’s life- and I am very happy that I stepped into Touro College South. The teachers and the atmosphere is wonderful.

I want to give a special thank you to my Dad, for enrolling me in this college- and specifically as well to Dean Abramson, Rabbi Ciner, Esther Anton, Professor Jessica Mishali, and Dr. Stephanie Herron for making me feel so welcome. To my other professors- thank you for teaching me, I will not forget what I have learned. I have only just begun my college education, and hopefully when I graduate I will be able to face the world with confidence and success.


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