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My Top Ten Movies of 2007

Well, now that 2007 is finally over, I can tell you what my top 10 movies of last year was. It is a bit funny saying “last year,” but it is true. There were many movies out this year in theater, and I saw quite a few. Just letting you know that scary movies is one of my favorite movie genres. Feel free to let me know what your favorite movies were. Anyways, without further ado, I present the list!

10. Beowulf


Why: I had read the epic poem a few month earlier in college, so I was awaiting this movie with anticipation. While it was not as good as I had hoped, the spectacular effects were very impressive- and reminded me of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.

9. Enchanted


Why: When I first saw this trailer, I thought the idea of turning Disney characters into modern life was brilliant. Although the movie itself was not as good as I hoped, it definitely had some funny moments- and actress Amy Adams does a wonderful job portraying the princess.
8. 300

Why: I’m not usually a fan of movies like these- but I must say I really enjoyed a few of the scenes- particularly Lina Heady’s portrayal of Queen Gorgo- and the events that surrounded her. The battle scenes were pretty good too. Spartans, prepare for battle!

7. Catacombs


Why: This movie was not the best in terms of acting- but it does feature singer Pink (Alecia Moore)- who portrays a very annoying woman who aggravates her sister (portrayed by Shannon Sossamon). The movie takes place primarily in the Catacombs in France- and is quite spooky. The reason why I enjoyed this movie so much was the ending, Usually horror movies end off unsatisfying- but this conclusion was very memorable.
6. 1408

Why: This movie was creepy! It gave me a few shocks. The acting by John Cusack was pretty good. The storyline was so-so, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

5. Plane Dead


Why: Otherwise known as Flight of the Living Dead, this movie is zombie cheesiness. There was one particular scene involving an umbrella that made me laugh so hard.

4. The Brave One

Why: I like Jodie Foster- and seeing her in this movie was a treat. I always wanted to take the law into my own hands- although I am not quite sure I would go as far as what happened in this movie….
3. Awake
Why: I just loved this plot- there were many surprises in this movie. I particularly enjoyed watching actress Lena Olin on screen- and Jessica Alba was pretty good too. The storyline was about a man who had to get surgery, but when he was given anesthetic, he was still awake.. definitely a must see.
2. 28 Weeks Later


Why: Sequel to the hit 28 Days Later, this movie was a thrill ride from start to finish. I was terrified in a few scenes… and if you can stand seeing blood, this movie is a must watch. Probably one of my favorite horror movies ever.

1. Away From Her

Why: Julie Christie’s performance in this movie is phenomenal. The plot focuses on an elderly couple- with Julie’s character (Fiona Anderson) suffering from Alzheimer’s- and they decide that she should go to a nursing home. What unfolds next is a sad but courageous tale of love- and letting go those you cherish most. By the end of the movie, you feel as if Fiona Anderson is a relative of yours. A classic masterpiece, that everyone should see.
Honorable Mentions: Saw IV, The Girl Next Door, The Deaths of Ian Stone, The Counterfeiters.
So what are your top movies of 2007?

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