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Final Fantasy Fanatic [#4]

Last time I blogged about Final Fantasy, it was about Final Fantasy: The Dawn of Souls (for Game Boy Advance), which included Final Fantasy I and II. Today’s focus will be on Final Fantasy III – which was the only serial Final Fantasy to have never been released outside of Japan… until recently.

In 2007, Final Fantasy III was finally released on the Nintendo DS, and I was very excited to play it. I popped it into my DS, and was pleasantly surprised. This game was the first Final Fantasy to have a graphical and musical overhaul from its original version on a handheld.

Who could forget the memorable cut scene that was first seen when you began the game? It was quite magical. I really enjoyed the old-school game play that followed. The story line to me was not bad at all, thanks to the addition of many more conversations throughout the game.

The intro cut scene from the game. Yes, this is on DS!

It is actually a bit difficult finding the game in stores these days, so I would suggest going online to get a copy. I still have mine, because I hope to get a Nintendo DS Lite someday and finish the game. Hopefully someday I will even be able to play it online as well…

Sometimes I wish I did not sell my original DS, but I really needed the credit to get an Xbox 360. I believe I made the right decision. Although I do miss the cute moogles…

Take a look at a video review, along with excellent gameplay footage.

What are your thoughts on Final Fantasy III?


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