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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Review

The game that many of us have been waiting for is finally here. Is it better than its predecessors and worth a purchase? Read on to find out!


Platform: Wii

Developer: Game Arts

Category: Fighting

Players: 1-4 Online

MSRP: $49.99

As the operatic intro begins, you wonder will Brawl be everything you hoped for? Well I can answer that for you – this game is priceless when playing with friends. Brawl is meant to be played with company, because if you are playing this alone, it will get boring quick.

The gameplay is still the same from Melee, which means many of the characters retain the same moves, while some gain a few new ones. The addition of new characters are impressive, but for the most part are lackluster due to the fact that only a handful of them are fun to play as. It would have been nice to see a few other characters in this game, such as Toad and Koopa Troopa, but alas one can’t complain too much – there is a over 30 characters to choose from.

What is new to Brawl besides new characters and stages? Well, there is a new adventure mode, entitled “The Subspace Emissary”, which has spectacular cutscenes, but gameplay wise grows very repetitive and stale – unless you are playing with a friend which will become much more entertaining. The problem with many Nintendo games is that the fun factor wears off very quickly unless you always have people to play with, and Brawl is no exception. The adventure mode is longer than expected, and will take over six hours to complete.

Other new features consist of a stage edit mode, which gives you the tools to design your own arenas. While this idea is very nice, its questionable as to many how many people will actually use it. There is also a Vault where there is a few demos of Nintendo classics available to play – and you can even unlock more. Probably one of the biggest feature, online play – was perhaps the biggest letdown due to the amount of errors of people have had to deal with. Will Nintendo improve and fix the online issues? Who knows?

Overall, Brawl is a decent fighter that will provide hours of entertainment, as long as there is people for you to play it with. While it was not a huge evolution from Melee, it is certainly a sign for even better things to come from Nintendo.

Presentation: The layout is presented in big, colorful, easy to read format – however the loading between pages is frustrating. The interface is slower then the Gamecube was, and that is a shame. [8.5]

Gameplay: Try and smash an opponent out of the ring with one of your favorite Nintendo characters. Many of them have no new attacks, which is a letdown – and the best way to play this game is with your old Gamecube controller, which is ironic considering not much has changed. However, when playing with friends, this game is priceless. [9.0]

Graphics/Sound: The cutscenes are phenomenal, but in-game it looks like the Gamecube could have handled it, and the graphical jaggies further prove the point. The sound is not bad, featuring some amazing Nintendo music, but a few of the pieces can be very irritating. [8.0]

Value Factor: For $50, there is certainly plenty of features and unlockable content to keep you busy for awhile, but if you don’t have any friends to play with, the novelty will wear off quickly and will become quite boring. There is something for everyone in this version. [9.0]

Bottom Line: If you have people to play with, purchase this game immediately! For those playing solo, a rental may do justice. For those thinking this is very different from Melee, you may be quite disappointed. But for the chance to play with a variety of favorite Nintendo characters, it certainly is priceless.

+ Brawl is finally on the Wii!

Awesome cutscenes

Variety of characters and arenas

Plenty of unlockable content

Some of the characters are very similar

In-game graphics look like its playable on Gamecube

Loading can get annoying

Overall: [9.0]


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