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Final Fantasy Fanatic [#5]

Last time I discussed about Final Fantasy III.

Today is all about Final Fantasy IV.

First released in United States as Final Fantasy II on Super Nintendo in 1991, it was received very warmly, many praising it as one of the best RPG’s ever made. I recall seeing this game in the store, but never got around to purchasing it until the PS One version was released as Final Fantasy Chronicles.

I really enjoyed the storyline in this game, and the cut-scenes were beautiful too.

The music was enjoyable to listen to, and fit the game quite well.

The storyline was great for its time, but nowadays is severely lacking. The last time you may have seen this game was on Game Boy Advance, and a bit of extra content was added as well. It is quite interesting to know that there was a sequel made for this game, which is set many years in the future. Unfortunately, it is only available in Japan on cell phones.

Recently, it was announced that Final Fantasy IV was going to be remade on Nintendo DS! Take a look at the beautiful website.

It is wonderful that Square Enix is remaking the old Final Fantasy games. I can’t wait till VI, VII, and VIII are! : )


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