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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Review

Final Fantasy VII, a game that changed the RPG genre forever. Fast forward 10 years later, and a prequel hits the PSP. Does it make an impact? Or is it just dust in the wind? Read on to find out.

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Platform: PSP

Developer: Square Enix

Category: Action RPG

MSRP: $39.99

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Welcome to the world of Final Fantasy. Whether its your first time experience, or if you are hardcore fan – there is something for everyone in the prequel to one of Playstation’s most revered masterpieces, Final Fantasy VII.

Crisis Core places you in the hands of Zack, an employee working for Shinra in the SOLDIER department. As the story unfolds, it will take you into a emotional journey full of jaw dropping cut scenes and plenty of surprises. The combat system is simplistic, comprising mainly of cycling through your selected abilities, and then pressing a button to confirm your decision. Battles are much quicker, thanks to instant loading times and the ability to move around the battle field, enabling you to dodge many attacks.

Digital Mind Wave (DMW) is introduced into this game, with mixed results. In random intervals within a battle, slots will start spinning randomly, and you have no control over what the outcome will be. It’s interesting to see flashbacks once in awhile, and for the most part the battle system is alright, if a bit flawed in design.

This Final Fantasy was made for PSP, as Square Enix was very gracious with providing many save locations. It is wonderful to see new and old environments and characters, but at times the game feels extremely repetitive – progressing through random battles and a variety of soporific missions is not exactly exciting, but at least the missions are optional. In a way, this game may have been just better off as a movie, because gameplay as a whole is nothing too extraordinary.

When playing the game, many might wish that is was a Final Fantasy VII remake. But for now, enjoy Crisis Core and be happy that the PSP finally has a few games on the system worth playing. The game can be beaten pretty quickly if you only focus on the story, so a rental for most may suffice.

Presentation: A clear, clean layout with gorgeous in-game graphics and beautiful cut scenes. Very similar to Advent Children in design, so if you have seen that movie, you will be right at home. The loading screens can get a bit irritating though – luckily it does not happen during every battle. [9.0]

Gameplay: Primarily consists of running through environments, fighting random battles and pressing one button. While not exactly revolutionary, the design is great for RPG beginners. So for those a bit intimated with this genre, this is a wonderful place to start. [8.0]

Graphics/Sound: The environments in the game are decent, but some of them – especially in the missions – are very bland and boring. Besides that issue, this game is certainly one of the best looking PSP games available. Music wise, the soundtrack is pretty decent, but there is a few tracks that do get a bit irritating. If you were a fan of Final Fantasy VII’s soundtrack, there are a few tracks that return and it is great to hear them. [8.5]

Value Factor: For $40, it won’t strain your wallet too much, but rent first before purchasing! While not exactly a must buy, those that do play the game will enjoy it every now and then – but the longevity of the game unfortunately wears off pretty quickly. [8.0]

Bottom Line: While not a masterpiece in any way, Crisis Core manages to carve its own unique spot in the RPG genre world. If you really like RPG’s, or never even played one before, this game is your best choice on PSP.

+ Memorable environments and characters

Beautiful cut scenes


Overall: [8.5]

Take a look at the intro to Crisis Core:


2 responses

  1. yeah, I kinda figured that’s what Crisis Core would end up like. I considered getting it simply to add it to my collection of FF games, but since I don’t own a PSP, that would be kind of pointless. :-p I personally think it’d be nice if they would make a full length movie of the events of FF7… I wish they had done that instead of given us Advent Children. I think it would’ve been a better use of their resources and would have been able to bring the FF7 story to a much larger audience.

    May 6, 2008 at 2:37 am

  2. I completely agree, oregon!

    I hope one day we will see a FF VII remake.

    Thanks for dropping by :)

    May 6, 2008 at 10:18 am

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