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Unreal Tournament III Video Game Review

Previously released on PC and PS3, Unreal Tournament 3 makes its debut on Xbox 360. Is the wait finally worth it? Read on to find out.

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Platform: Xbox 360

Developer: Epic Games

Genre: First Person Shooter

MSRP: $59.99

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It’s about time Unreal 3 arrived on Xbox 360 – and a great time during the summer drought. For those unfamiliar with the Unreal series, it became a phenomenon on the PC in th late 90’s, thanks to intense fast paced action, and a unique visual style.

There was three Unreal games on the Original Xbox, and Unreal 3 resembles Unreal Championship the most. So what exactly does this game have to offer that the other hundreds of shooters can’t supply? Well, the action is by far the most exciting, and has a much quicker tone than Halo 3 and Call of Duty. It is possible to get to 100 kills within just a few minutes, thanks to an instant respawn, and fast character movement.

There are three different basic modes available in multiplayer, Capture the Flag, as well as vehicle variant, Warfare, which is where there is orbs to take and capture various locations. It is an awesome gameplay variant that needs to be played in order to fully understand how amazing it is – in fact there is 23 maps devoted just towards this game mode. Last but not least, there is Deathmatch, which comes in team and free for all.

It would have been nice to have  a few more maps for Deathmatch, but with a total of 55 maps, you can’t complain – especially since each one of them are very unique. However, technically there is about 45 maps, as a few of them are the same environment with just a few things changed.

Campaign mode consists of 5 chapters, about 40 missions that are basically multiplayer matches. There are a few cutscenes as well, and they are stunning. Best of all, Campaign is 4 player online co-op! It is really fun playing through campaign mode with friends, because the bots are not that good.

Online, the community is actually quite decent compared to other shooting games. I have played over 100 games online so far, and not once did I hear someone say something derogatory. Definitely a plus in my book. Overall, if you enjoy fast paced games and are looking for something different, I highly suggest picking this game up.

Presentation: A simple interface with gorgeous graphics, combined with a third person view when using a vehicle – makes this game stand out. Similar to Unreal Championship in design. Only downside is sometimes there is a few camera issues, and the loading is slightly annoying. [9.0]

Gameplay: Fast actioned shooter, with tons of depth. Easy to learn, difficult to master. There is a variety of modes, weapons, and vehicles to satisfy any gamer. No problems here, besides a few cheap bots and some weird physics. More options such as a Screenshot or Theater mode would have been nice though. [8.5]

Graphics/Sound: The visuals look wonderful, especially the cutscenes, one particular arena really stands out which takes place in outer space – the view is breathtaking. The special effects are great too. On par with the Gear of War engine, if not a bit better. Audio wise, the soundtrack consists of mainly techno tracks, which is cool to listen to while playing a game. The songs do get a bit annoying though after a while. [9.0]

Value Factor: $60 gets you 55 maps, 4 player online co-op. That already pays for itself. While not exactly anything new, Unreal Tournament 3 delivers, and is fun to play. I see myself playing this game for quite awhile. [9.0]

Bottom Line: At least try this game, you will either love or hate it. This is one of my favorite shooters on the Xbox 360. If you are looking for something more fast paced, this is for you.

+ Awesome cutscenes and maps

Fun gameplay

Not enough extra features

Overall: [9.0]

Take a look at the trailer.


3 responses

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  2. What are you fighting in this game??? Aliens, zombies or just people???

    April 16, 2009 at 10:46 am

  3. Umm, people, I guess, lol :)

    April 16, 2009 at 10:50 pm

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