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Soul Calibur IV Mini Video Game Review

I was going to write a full review on this Xbox 360 game, but I realized that I could not possibly think of enough interesting things to say about this game to devote a whole article to it.

So instead, I will mainly discuss whether this game is worth $60 or even $80 worth of your money. I have personally been a fan of the Soul series since the PS1, and Soul Calibur IV takes the fighting formula and makes some tiny changes. The graphics are definitely the best part of the game, as arenas and each character are vividly detailed.

There is many characters in this game – probably 30+, if I’m not mistaken. The problem with this is that many of the characters sport similar fighting styles. In Soul Calibur for the Dreamcast (and more recently, Xbox Live Arcade) there was a smaller roster of characters which gave more of a personality to them.

Soul Calibur IV seems to be sacrificing quality in favor of quantity. In this version, I did not care for my favorite characters any more. The dumb-downed Story Mode for each character was pathetic, and to make matters worse, all the old fighters look much different – a bad art style in my eyes.

Nevertheless, the fighting is good, and the modes are.. well.. not the most abundant, so I highly suggest giving this game a rental first before purchasing. I can’t recommend spending all the money unless you are really a hardcore fan that does not care about the things I have mentioned.

Overall: [7.5]


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