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Mini Video Game Review: Spanish For Everyone

Spanish For Everyone is a Nintendo DS game that did not receive much advertisement. Maybe there’s good reason for that, as the game is not exactly a must-play.

There is only one mode to play which is Story Mode, and what happens is your friend forgets to give you back your DS, so you end up traveling to Mexico with your aunt to get it back.

Along the way, you play a few mini games. Only 3 of them at the beginning – and you can’t continue the story until you get 20,000 points. Which means playing the same mini games over and over again. The games consist of a quasi-hangman word game, matching same cards game, and a “palabras” game, where you search for words in a box. Not exactly very fun.

But the question is: Do you learn any Spanish? Well with the few hours I have invested into this game, I did pick up a few words. The dictionary is a decent addition which pronounces all the words you have uncovered in the game. For $15 it’s not the worst buy. I’m going to be purchasing My Spanish Coach for the DS very soon, so I will compare the two in the upcoming weeks.

Overall: [6.0]

Look at the beginning intro. These cut scenes are awesome huh?


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  1. it naic very naic

    February 20, 2009 at 9:03 pm

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