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The Circle of Life [#6]

It’s been a long time since I last wrote an article for this column, but I have not forgotten it!

Basically, these articles are about personal advice to help make life less stressful. They are all taken from Nancy E Krulik’s book “Don’t Stress!” which I received in 4th grade (a long time ago).

This issue I thought it would be nice to deal with problems that arise down our path(s) in life. Have you ever been faced with dealing with a situation, and then perhaps looking back realizing you could have dealt with the problem in another way? I certainly have.

Take a look at what she writes:

We’ll return to our show after this commercial message.

Whenever you come face-to-face with what seems like a really bad situation, it’s time to give yourself a new job: TV writer. Most TV character solve their problems in a matter of thirty minutes (twenty-two if you don’t count the commercials!)

TV writers often come up with alternative endings for their shows. Write down all the different ways you can handle your problem. Some of your solutions will lead you into more stressful situations. But others will show you that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. That’s the direction you’ll want to follow : )

So for me, would writing things down first and contemplating what to do work? I certainly have tried it a few times, and it’s worth writing down my options so I can thoroughly contemplate on what to do.

Good luck!


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