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Movie Spotlight: The Children of Huang Shi

This movie was released in theaters May 2008, and was given many bad reviews – currently at 27% on Rotten Tomatoes. I’m not exactly sure why – as trying to read a critic’s review spewing out whatever the thesaurus allows does not really impress me at all. I find it funny that most critics find it necessary to use “big words” to write a review, when in fact the majority of the people who watch movies are not interested in reading words like “colloquialism” but rather if it’s a movie worth seeing or not.

And in that case, this movie is definitely worth seeing. The main draw for me here was Radha Mitchell, as every movie I have seen her in has been terrific. From movies like Mozart and the Whale, Rogue, When Strangers Appear, Visitors, and Silent Hill – she has done a phenomenal job portraying a character – and in this movie it’s completely believable. As a nurse in the 1930’s, she encounters George Hopp (Jonathan Myers) in which together they help maintain an orphanage of many children who have been through horrible events.

What really spoke to me in this movie was how powerful it is to really care – show attention and love towards the children. Many of the children witnessed their parents and siblings beheaded and tossed aside like garbage. These images in their minds, with them for eternity – yet no psychotherapists were there to help. Instead, love and attention was provided which in reality, is what we all need. While images still haunted their minds, and some could not move through the broken branches of their past, the movie portrayed a sense of hope in a dark tunnel.

While this movie is “based on true events” – which many critics attacked, stating it was not accurate. But in all honesty, does it really matter? If it was 100% true, would the movie be better? I don’t think so. The movie had an image of what it wanted to display, and it did it well. The environment, acting, and storyline was moving and emotional, and left me with a sense of inspiration. Even a few weeks after I have seen this movie, I still feel it resonating close within me.

So if you are looking for a moving, powerful, and ultimately embraceful movie, I recommend seeing The Children of Huang Shi.


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