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Extremely Busy With College! >_<

I had vacation the last three weeks [if you want to call it that.. it was just hebrew holidays].

I started college again on Monday, and I have so much work to do. Now that I am Editor-in-Chief of our college newspaper, I have to spend much more time – which I don’t mind – as I love it, but it just makes me a wee bit stressed.

Secondly, I have a huge Spanish Exam on Wednesday and I am scared. I don’t really know if I’m ready as our classes have not been too good in detail. There’s a lot of info I need to remember. I’m pretty good with vocabulary, but changing the words when using them for female/male plus er, ar, and ir infinite verbs plus nouns is confusing, except for “yo soy” which I understand a bit.

I am having a hard time with the Proprietary Databases for my Computer Research class… hope to resolve them on Wednesday.

Psych Club elections are running – I’ll be campaigning for Secretary once again. I’m good at doing that. No thanks for Treasurer, President, or VP. I have enough on my plate, lol! Have $60 saved from last year’s Psych Club…

What else? Well, looks like I may after all be having a 6th class in college. Originally sort-of canceled, Management class now has now been brought back as Independent Study. Have meeting with Professor on Wednesday about this as well. Wow, everything is on Wednesday.. today is just homework, homework, stress. Homework, study, study, relax, eat. Shop at Wal-mart and K-mart (trying to find glasses as I now need them as I have a stygmatism [how do you spell that?] plus I’m near-sighted – went to eye doctor a few days ago).

I’m also trying to figure out what Konami is up to with DDR Universe 3.. there is quite a few glitches in the game.. will post a separate article about this maybe tomorrow.

Look for that as well as a monthly flashback October 31st. That’s all for the rest of this month, I believe. Thanks for checking out my blog : )


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