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This Month’s Flashback (October ’08)

Hi! Welcome to another monthly flashback, where we take a look back at the month.

* * *


Synopsis: Once again, October was a very busy month for me. During the first week, I was in Ohio for my nephew’s Bar Mitzvah. It went pretty smoothly. We had tons of hebrew holidays this month, which gave me some time to read my college textbooks. As soon as college started again, I was back on my feet, trying to keep up with everything. Being the Editor-in-Chief of our college newspaper is a lot of work.

As for new games I purchased this month, the only new game I got was DDR Universe 3, which I have yet to write a review for as I am waiting for Konami to fix the many glitches. As of now, I would give it a 6. Hopefully Konami will fix the problems.

I also purchased Scene It? LCA and N3, two old 360 games. I have been playing a lot of Karaoke Revolution: AI Encore, very excited about the sequel coming out in a few weeks. One thing I finally got around to doing was to sign up for Twitter, an instant update messaging site, follow me here.

There was also a huge Xbox Ambassador Halo 3 event which I hosted. It took place on October 26th. We played a variety of custom games – you can find many pictures of the event right here. [Available only until December 1st.]

Best Articles of October

Samba De Amigo Video Game Review

Circle of Life – Dealing with problems

Movie Spotlight: Children of Huang Shi

My Favorite Halo 3 Custom Games

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That’s all for this month! Have a happy Halo-ween and see you all in November : )


2 responses

  1. JUJEE

    How is Scene it??

    November 1, 2008 at 7:56 pm

  2. Scene It is okay, but there’s no online multiplayer. The sequel, BOS, is much better.

    If you have friends over, 4 players is tons of fun. I would not let young ones play it because some of the movie clips shown are a bit too “mature”.

    If you like party games that consist of movies, you will like Scene It. But I highly suggest skipping LCA and just getting BOS instead :)

    November 2, 2008 at 2:44 am

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