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Konami Digital Entertainment US Apologizes

Have a problem with DDR Universe 3 like I did?

Email: kdeussupport@konami.com

Here was my problem (and everyone’s problem, really)

If you spent $70 on this game, you may have realized that the songs listed on the back of the cover were not in the game, except for “Dancing Machine”. Besides the other various technical problems with the game, this one annoyed me the most because it was false advertising.

I emailed Konami support, but never got a solution until I came across the email listed above. From there, things improved.

Dear Sir,

This is Konami Customer Support. We would like to apologize as there was a misprint on the DDR Universe 3 packaging. We would love to offer you some DDR goodies for your troubles. The goodies include DDR Universe 1 game, DDR sweatbands, bookmarks, stickers, and music samplers. If you are interested in this, please inform us, and include your preferred shipping address.

We apologize for this inconvenience, and thank you for all of your patience and understanding.


KDE-US, Customer Support

My response:

Hi : )

Thanks for the offer, but I’m really hoping that all DDR Universe 3 covers that get printed in the future correct this mistake.
And if possible, to recall all DDR Universe 3 games so other consumers do not get misled either.

I paid $70 for this game, hoping the songs would be in it. I was very hurt when I saw these songs were not in it.

Could you perhaps address everyone who purchased DDR Universe 3 an apology for the misleading ad?
(maybe through the DDR Online Community website?)

I finally have gotten a nice response from Konami today [this email right here] (previous emails were very generic and offered no solution)

I am interested in these goodies – it’s wonderful you are offering the goodies as compensation/re-reimbursement,
and for the emotional stress that I have been through over the last month regarding this issue.

Their response:

Thank you for contacting Konami Customer Support again. We will be shipping out the DDR goodies this Wednesday via FedEx 2 day shipping!

We apologize for the disappointment you have had with DDR Universe 3. We (Konami Customer Support Team) have forwarded your below request and feedback to upper management. We cannot guarantee that the requests will be granted, but we will be definitely seriously discussing your requests will upper management.

Also, any other loyal DDR fans that are disappointed about DDR Universe 3 can contact us, and we will be more than happy to assist them too.

We want nothing more than to keep a DDR fan such as yourself, and so we would like to offer you a refund if you would like. We would need your receipt and the game, but we would provide you with a pre-paid FedEx 1 day shipping label. If you would no longer like the game, please inform us, and we will provide a pre-paid label post haste.

Thank you again for all of your understanding.

Kind Regards,

KDE-US, Customer Support
Here’s what they gave me:

That was nice of them.

Hopefully Universe 4 will not have the same frustrations. : )


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