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Video Game Spotlight: Spectral Force 3

Have you ever played Final Fantasy Tactics? Or maybe Advance Wars? Then you will probably like this game! Spectral Force 3 is an interesting Xbox 360 game, as it is the only grid-based strategy RPG game on the console.

Features decent anime style graphics, fun gameplay that is not too difficult to pick up and understand, and best of all, the addicting aspect of leveling up characters and upgrading their skills and weapons.

The game got really bad reviews (mainly 4 out of 10’s) – I’m thinking that most gamers just don’t have the patience for games like these anymore… but 1up did give this game a B- (speaking of 1up, yesterday it was purchased by UGO… yeah.. the EGM  [Electronic Gaming Monthly] is dead. Fortunately, this game is not, and you can purchase it on Amazon.com for only $20!


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