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Future of magazines?

Electronic Gaming Monthly’s (EGM) demise this month further makes me a bit skeptical (and quite scared) as to how much longer print magazines (specifically video game magazines) will continue to be published. As a subscriber for over 10 years, it hurt a bit, but I sensed it was going to happen when it’s latest magazine “remodeling” happened a few years back.

The last paragraph in the linked article sums it up pretty well: “the internet’s ability to provide the same information as EGM instantaneously may be the largest factor why EGM is no more. Information on games that are reviewed in EGM is available much earlier than any print publication can provide it. Also this information is freely available reducing any incentive to a pay a monthly subscription fee for it.”

Has the internet been a factor in magazines diminishing in quantity (or maybe even quality) ?

In the 90’s and early 2000’s, I read Official Playstation Magazine, Tips & Tricks, Xbox Nation, Pocket Games, and Game NOW.

None of these magazines exist anymore – but if you look closely, all were part of the Ziff Davis label except for Tips & Tricks (which was handled by Larry Flynt publishing).

So perhaps magazines can survive if under a well organized publisher label?

Nintendo Power, Gamepro, and Game Informer still seem to be going strong. (I stopped reading Gamepro a few years ago, but I still subscribe to Nintendo Power and Game Informer [along with Official Xbox Magazine of course] )

Now that Nintendo Power is under Future Games (which Official Xbox Magazine is too) – if something tragic were to happen to Future Games.. it would be a sad day for many of us.

While many gamers enjoy reading about video games online, I prefer reading it through a magazine, and here’s a few reasons why (there’s more, but these ones are more integral)

1. I can take a magazine wherever I go.

2. Don’t have to stare at a screen and kill my eyes.

3. Magazines are great when you have no electricity in the house, and of course if you don’t have internet.

4. Great companions for a long ride on bus, car, subway, plane, train, or when in the restroom.

5. I find about video games and news I never saw online.

6. My attention span for magazine articles lasts longer than internet articles.

7. No annoying comments posted in magazines by random internet psychopaths.

8. I like getting something in the mail I can look forward too.

While magazines may not be as timely in previews, reviews, and news as the internet is, I don’t really mind.
Seldom do I purchase games upon it’s launch date anyways, so it does not matter much to me.

Magazines are a great way to relax after reading college textbooks all day.. and it scares me that I don’t see them in many stores anymore. My local Gamestop only carries Game Informer now (3 years ago they had just about every video game magazine in store, even more obscure ones like Play.)

Furthermore, I’m curious as to how many people do not have internet in their houses. My family did not have internet until my brother demanded for Xbox Live back in 2003.

I’m sure there are people that still don’t have internet and rely on magazines for their news.

I’m curious as to how other countries are faring with magazine publications (UK, Australia.. anything change?)

Or is it just a USA thing?


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