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Movie Spotlight: Defiance

Saturday night I went with a friend to see Defiance, a 2 hour and 17 minute long movie that was stretched out a bit more than needed.

The film centers on three brothers who escape into the woods in Belorussia. Based on a true story, they manage to grow in the thousands and fight back against the Germans.

There was not anything in the movie that is exactly worth seeing – however, the ending was a bit more “joyful” than that of Valkyrie.

The environment, with lush forests and streaming brooks may be worth the ticket alone, but I just had a hard time believing in the characters.

For a dark film, it actually takes itself lightly as there are quite a few jokes in the film. I don’t know if that is a good thing or bad, but generally for movies of this genre I’d prefer no jokes to be made.

Overall, it’s not a masterpiece, but it will keep you entertained for the most part if you happen to see it.


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