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Mini Video Game Review: Coraline

Out for various platforms, I rented the version for the Nintendo Wii and was immediately intrigued by the artwork and voice overs. However, as I began to realize what this game was about (agonizing mini games upon mini games) it’s appeal dwindled after a few hours and I ejected it from the Wii, never to be played again.

The game puts you in control of a young girl named Coraline, in which you are tasked to do annoying quests.. too bad this game could have ditched the mini games and instead focus on the adventure part, which is a bit more fun.

However, dated gameplay cliche’s are not very fun (oh, so I can only reach the item if I position the box right where the item is..). This game might appeal to younger gamers, but as a whole, rent first to see if you like it. Because if you do like it, chances are you will beat it in a few hours.

While the video game has much to be desired for, I will definitely be seeing the movie, out on February 6th. : )

Take a look at the video trailer if you like:


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