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Video Game Spotlight: Rocketman

Rocketman: Axis of Evil is a cel-shaded 4 player online shooter RPG that at first glance may appear idiotic, but becomes much more enjoyable over time. Released in March 2008 for Xbox Live Arcade, the game received pretty harsh reviews.

I had originally planned on purchasing the game when it first came out, but none of my friends had it.  Just this week my friend and I decided to pick it up and we are having a lot of fun on the game.

There is a lot of customization, from which character you choose, to what statistics and weapons you want to upgrade. There is 10 levels to play through, and there’s even more DLC that add 3 more levels and some new weapons.

If you have a few friends to play this game with, I recommend purchasing it. You can download the trial right here.


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