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Movie Spotlight: Watchmen

Watchmen is one of those movies you will either love or hate.

I saw it recently in theaters (thanks to the Best Buy deal) and was drawn in to its narrative style. Unfortunately, there is a bit too much of it, and causes the movie to be a little soporific at parts (especially since most of the movie is not action packed).

It’s roughly a 3 hour movie showing the strengths and weaknesses of a few superheroes (but in fact, they are not super?) Many questions I had that the movie never answered – such as how the “Watchmen” were founded, and how they became super strong.

Dr. Manhattan was really the only one with special powers, and the other characters just did their little martial art moves. And what’s up with Rorschach? His face moves around. How is that even possible?

Half of the audience left the movie in the middle. so it’s taking a risk by watching it if you are not familiar with the graphic novel. I myself have not read it, but I’m not exactly too enthusiastic after watching the movie.


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