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No, It’s Not Okay.

This week’s episode of Celebrity Apprentice was completely revolting.

It really tugged at my heartstrings when Joan compared Annie Duke to Hitler saying:  “so was Hiter, at Buchenwald”.

Here’s a small clip of the incident I found on YouTube (I’m not going to embed it as it contains a bad word in the title)

What the issue is, and maybe someone can help me understand – is how someone can compare Annie Duke to Hitler, who was the culprit behind killing millions of people during the Holocaust era.

It’s a very sensitive issue – and I did not like the comment that was stated by Joan. Many of my relatives perished in the Holocaust, and it’s just not funny.

Of course, we all have to remember this a television show,and drama is going to happen. Whether or not certain elements of the show are scripted is still up in the air. This season seems to rely more on drama then at the tasks at hand.

What really frustrates me is this is a business competition, so people will be competitive. A different persona could emerge from people while participating on the show as it’s not their every day life and they are in stressful situations.

Nevertheless, by allowing Joan’s comment to air on television, watched by millions of people, it shows that perhaps it is socially acceptable to compare people to Hitler.  Maybe the show is not called “Role Model Apprentice” but it’s important for networks to be sensitive about comments like that so everyone can be at peace.

Unfortunately, it got worse as Joan Rivers posted on her twitter after the episode’s airing: “I just compared Annie to Hitler. I feel terrible. My apologies to Hitler.”

Now the internet is just in total chaos with all of this and many people are writing about this on the internet.

What I would love to see is Joan and Annie meet together and have an in-depth discussion and get to the root of what the issue is. It’s not fair for all of us to watch this unfold before our eyes – it needs to be dealt with privately and respectively.


3 responses

  1. I could’nt agree more.

    April 21, 2009 at 4:31 pm

  2. I don’t think that anyone should be compared to hitler!

    April 21, 2009 at 4:42 pm

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