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Movie Spotlight: The Da Vinci Code

I recently saw this movie, which I thought would help with my OCD presentation on Monday, as it dealt with “religious melancholia”, (devout over-zealousness to G-d),which presented OCD-like symptoms.

Anyways, the film which clocks in at almost 3 hours (I saw the extended cut release) was a very good thriller movie. It did not do very well with the ratings, but was a huge box office smash.

The film is about a man (Robert Langdon) portrayed by Tom Hanks, who is a professor of sorts into symbols and signs. He had a meeting set up with someone, but the person was killed a few hours earlier, in which now the police are questioning him, only for Robert Langdon to find out there is much more to the story that meets the eye.

Filled with many surprises, this film takes you on a religious ride that is quite worth your time. While I don’t recommend it to everyone, due to its content, it’s an interesting movie that certainly can spark quite a few debates. The sequel, Angels and Demons, released this weekend in theaters.


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