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Xbox Live Suggestion Regarding GLAAD

So today the issue was brought up on the Xbox.com Forums. What exactly is the issue? Basically, Microsoft’s policies on the banning of members posting their orientation on their Xbox Live Bio’s. It’s a violation of the Microsoft’s Code of Conduct and Terms of Use – and there are a few reasons why it’s not allowed, one being privacy.

I came up with an idea that might work, and here it is:

Microsoft updates Xbox Live and asks optionally for our orientation and religion which will be a private add-on, like our Windows Live ID section. Perhaps then members can find each other easier through Live with that. It would be interesting to see that happening, and would hopefully make everyone feel more comfortable since it would be a private thing unless you set your settings that your friends can see it, but it could not be set to everyone because than it would violate privacy.

Interesting idea, no? I think this would help make things more peaceful,and this idea is already getting good feedback. : )


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