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Care Bears on Xbox 360

Over a year ago, I posted a thread on the Xbox.com Forums asking for opinions on the idea of having a Care Bears game on Xbox 360. It’s received many positive remarks, but also quite a few negative ones.

I think the idea of having a Care Bears game on the Xbox 360 (if done right) is amazing. Imagine if the game utilized Xbox Live and you can play with your friends, go on missions helping people.

I called up Game Factory (developers of the Care Bears Game Boy Advance game) a few months ago, and they were excited to hear about my ideas but told me they no longer had the Care Bears license anymore. So I called American Greetings and Cookie Jar (now Care Bear’s home, I think) to see what could be done.

Today I just found that my hopes of  a Care Bears video game will have to be put on hold for a bit as this recent article spread some light on some crazy news:

Brooklyn-based American Greetings accuses Cookie Jar Entertainment of bad faith in Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears deal

Published: Tuesday, May 12, 2009.

By: Janet H. Cho, Jo Ellen Corrigan

What would Share Bear and Love-A-Lot Bear think about this?

American Greetings Corp. and Cookie Jar Entertainment Inc. of Toronto have each filed lawsuits accusing the other of bad faith over a deal to sell Strawberry Shortcake and the Care Bears.

Neither side would comment on pending litigation, but the arguments are outlined in the lawsuits.

Brooklyn-based American Greetings and its wholly owned subsidiary, Those Characters from Cleveland Inc., are charging Cookie Jar Entertainment and its predecessor, DIC Entertainment Corp., with breach of contract.

Cookie Jar last July agreed to pay American Greetings $195 million in cash for the rights to Shortcake, the Care Bears, and a newer cast of characters called Sushi Pack (four pieces of sushi and a dollop of wasabi that fight crime).

That deal was to have closed Sept. 30, but fell through because Cookie Jar wasn’t able to line up the financing.

American Greetings says Cookie Jar not only “acted in bad faith,” it also had no intention of consummating the deal when it signed the papers, according to the lawsuit now before U.S. District Court.

Cookie Jar filed a lawsuit of its own before the New York Supreme Court, accusing American Greetings of trying to squeeze Cookie Jar out of the chance to buy the characters. American Greetings wanted to sell the characters for $76 million to MoonScoop S.A.S., a French company that makes animated television shows.

Cookie Jar had the right to match the offer, but said American Greetings gave it only one month to do so, “thereby making financing extremely difficult.” If Cookie Jar couldn’t come up with the money, MoonScoop had until June 7 to buy the properties.

By giving MoonScoop twice as long to close the deal, Cookie Jar says American Greetings conspired to give MoonScoop the upper hand.

American Greetings is seeking at least $100 million in damages, plus attorneys’ fees.

Cookie Jar is asking for $25 million, plus punitive damages and attorneys’ fees. Both sides must answer the other’s accusations within the month.

Woah. I hope things settle okay, because all of this is really sad news. I have not found anything more current than this article, so here’s to hoping Care Bears will find a home : )


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  1. Great post. this is what I looking for, thanks

    June 23, 2009 at 10:51 am

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