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Movie Spotlight: Religulous

I recently saw this film, not exactly knowing what I was getting into. Being Jewish, I would have liked for the film to explore Judaism a bit more, but instead it focused more on Christian and Islam religion, how they have caused a lot of violence throughout history asking others to be like them.

While the film pokes fun on religion, and is quite a satirical comedy, it only shows that religion in a way, can be used for bad. Religion can also be used for good, and there’s something for everyone in this world. I think it’s fine to practice any religion you like as long as you are not harming anyone else.

The film’s premise is this: Bill Maher (a political comedian, I suppose) goes around the world visiting and interviewing people about their religion and beliefs.

The film does beg the question: what would the world be like without religion?

I don’t know the answer to the question, but all I’m asking for is peace.

While the film may offend some people, it’s a good film to watch to open your eyes a little bit and maybe realize not to take things too seriously.

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