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Movie Spotlight: The Life Before Her Eyes

I did not know anything about this film before I watched it. Only that Uma Thurman starred in it. The beginning of the film draws you right in, thanks to James Horner’s wonderful soundtrack (you might know his music from films like Braveheart, The Boy In The Striped Pajamas, and Titanic).

While I won’t go into to much details with the film’s plot, it kept me very intrigued into what would happen next. Some of the scenes were very repetivive, but overall it’s a very good thriller/drama film.

Based on the novel by Laura Kasischke, I question as to how the novel was written – perhaps I might give it a read and see how the book compares to the film. If there’s anything to take away from the film it would be that life is precious and people can change for the better.


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