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Video Game Spotlight: Resident Evil 3 Nemesis

So I rented this game from Gamefly this week for the Gamecube. I always have wanted to play it but never got the chance. So I insert the disc into my Wii and start playing. Unfortunately, my television is widescreen HDTV and even when I configured the Wii settings, the graphics still looked grainy. I might have to tinker around more with my television, but it’s very playable and the graphics are very good – it’s held up quite well.

It was interesting going back to the old typewriter save system.. it adds a unique element to the game. If you never got the chance to try this game out and played any of the more recent Resident Evil games, it’s worth going back and giving this game a shot.

As you can tell in the video, the graphics look quite impressive for a game that’s pretty old. The music in this game really sets a great mood for the settings…


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