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What’s Cooking Cube? [#5] {Summer Baking!}

I’ve been spending a bit of time making cakes and cupcakes during summer break, and it’s never been easier thanks to Duncan Hines. They have so many interesting recipes on their website.

One of the cakes I recently made, the carrot cake, was quick and easy requiring only 3 ingredients. It came out really well and it was gone by the next day. Probably would have tasted even better with icing but I’m trying to cut down on the sugar, lol.

It was definitely a moist and tasty cake. The carrots and raisins turned out pretty well, and were not too dry. I would definitely get this cake mix again (and just did today!). Try it out sometime even if the thought of carrot cake sounds gross, you just might like it!

The second mix I made was a whole grain chocolate chip muffin mix. These were also easy to make, but I don’t know if I would get them again as they had a weird aftertaste to them. Could be the whole grain flavor I suppose, not quite sure. Still, it’s nice to have something fresh and homemade. : )


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