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Project Runway Premiere!

Yesterday Project Runway finally returned with a new season to a new channel, Lifetime.

I started watching at 8pm for the All-Star challenge in which there was some amazing dresses (particularly Sweet P’s and Korto’s) but neither of them won, which was a little disappointing (but they did make the top 4). The winner was Daniel, who probably won just for the Red Carpet dress.

My favorite dress was this one:

Very creative, and the colors were really nice.

After the 2 hour All-Star challenge, the real show started. 16 contestants were introduced, and the first week they had to design an outfit that was like an Oscar/Emmy/Video Music Awards style that expressed themselves. The results were interesting, and Ari was eliminated for her eccentric alien soccer ball dress.

Then, at 11pm, a new series called “Models of the Runway” premiered, which focused on the models of the show and the elimination process. It was a half-hour long, and did not come close to matching America’s Next Top Model, but I’m sure the new series will get better as the show picks up.

All in all, it was a good premiere. Have yet to pick a favorite, but will post another article in the upcoming week as to who my favorites are after I see their personality a bit more on television.


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