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Xbox Preview Program

I had the chance to be given access to the new Xbox Update a few weeks before its release in November. New features include applications for Facebook, Twitter, and Last.fm, as well as a new MSNBC and Comic section. These are all great additions to making the 360 a more “connective” experience.

Also in the preview is the new Zune Marketplace, which has two sections – one for music, and the other for movies. Now in the Zune Movie Marketplace, you can form a party and watch together if everyone has the content purchased.

Just released is the Halo Waypoint, a portal to showcase your achievements in the Halo games (sadly, Halo 2 PC is not among the games to be incorporated in this feature, but might have a possibility in being included if it becomes requested.)

The application also has many videos and other odds and ends to look at, like looking at your friends career progress in the Halo series.

All of these features are great and I can see gamers enjoying them. The only downside to these new features is many people in different regions may not be able to access these features, but hopefully they will all get their own exclusive features that will make them happy. For instance, those in the UK have an exclusive feature called Sky Player in which they can watch a lot of cable programs. It’s never been a better time to be a gamer. Thank you Microsoft for the opportunity.


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