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Video Game Spotlight: Let’s Tap!

Let’s Tap is a Nintendo Wii game that makes you place your Wiimote on a box (I used a tissue box) and use your fingers to tap to a variety of games.

The game is a lot more fun when playing with family and friends.

There’s 5 games you can select from in the main menu once you finish the brief tutorial:

1. Tap Runner: Tap your character to run and jump over obstacles, more tracks unlock as you progress. It’s a little bit of fun.

2. Rhythm Tap: My favorite game mode in which there are 16 songs in total (4 to start with) in which you tap to the beat. Most of the songs are quite catchy and fun to play! You need to score a grade C or higher in order to unlock more songs. There’s 3 different tap icons, corresponding to what kind of tap you need to do. It’s a little similar to Donkey Konga, so if you liked that game, you will enjoy this mode.

3. Silent Blocks: It’s basically Jenga. Select a block by tapping, and then slowly tap to remove the block. Players alternate turns.

4. Bubble Voyager: A side-scroller shooting game. Do a heavy tap to fire a bullet, lightly tap to progress and collect energy.

5. Visualizer: Tap and see different effects show up on screen.

So the reason why it’s a perfect rental game is because there’s not much else to the game besides these 5 game modes, and some are more fun than others but won’t keep you entertained that long. I wish there was more things to do in the game, maybe a sequel could improve on this concept. It’s a great game to play over a weekend.


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