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The Pros and Cons of Downloadable Content

Lately, downloadable content (DLC) has become a very popular feature.

Some DLC deserves to be praised, others.. not so much.

Let’s not forget the patches too.

Here’s a list of Pros and Cons I’ve created. Do you agree with me?

Can add longevity to the game/increase replay value
Patches can fix gameplay issues
Releasing DLC right after the game is released and charging for it when it should be on the disc.
Charging for DLC to unlock it when it’s already available on the disc (Resident Evil 5 and the  DDR Universe series have shamefully done this)

While patches may be great, I wonder does the ability to release a patch make the developers and testers less likely to bug test everything?

Does DLC ultimately make the gaming experience better?

I think only when the developer utilizes it in a proper manner.

I feel there’s some unethical business practices being generated through the release of some of the DLC, and luckily, many people do notice it, but the fact that gaming companies can get away with it is unsettling.


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