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My Top 10 Games of 2009

It’s that time of the year again..2009 was a year full of releases.. here’s my pick for my top 10. Uncharted 2 was a popular pick in the media, but I don’t have a PS3. The game does look good though.  Have 10 favorites of your own? Let me know! What do you think of my 10 favorites? Post a comment.

10. Mithra – Episode 1, Chapter 1

Released in March 2009 for the Xbox Indie Marketplace on Xbox 360, Mithra combined impressive visuals with a unique adventure story. If you’ve ever played Munch’s Odyssey before, this game has a similar resemblance to it. Download a trial here if you like.

9. Bass Pro: The Strike

It’s not every day you actually get to play a fishing game with a realistic fishing rod for the Xbox 360. While it may not have had too many features, the joy of figuring out how to successfully use the controller and catching a fish for the first time was memorable. Check out more details about the game here.

8. Let’s Tap

Let’s Tap is a unique and addictive game that uses your fingers to tap to different games. My favorite was the music-rhythm game, which reminded me of Donkey Konga. There’s quite some fun to be had, including a Jenga-type game!

7. World of Goo

It’s been released on a few platforms, but just very recently, it was released for Games for Windows! World of Goo’s graphics and unique gameplay makes this game stand out.

6. Sacred 2

While many people complained the game had many bugs, over my 40 hours of playing I seldom encountered any. With over 600 quests, nice graphics, tons of areas to explore, and deep customizations with 4 player online gameplay, Sacred 2 makes the RPG genre proud.

5. Metroid Prime Trilogy

I originally played a little bit of Metroid Prime on the Gamecube when it was first released. Now, years later, all 3 Metroid games come together in one package for one great price. (I managed to get it for only $20!) You really can’t get any better than this.

4. LittleBigPlanet

Unfortunately, I don’t own a PS3, but I do own a PSP, and this game astonished me. Featuring the the most adorable graphics and fascinating levels, Little Big Planet offers a lot to do on such a small disc. With the ability to download levels and create your own, the fun never ends.

3. Resident Evil 5

After trying out the demo on Xbox LIVE, I patiently waited for its release. I was not disappointed. With intense action sequences, gorgeous graphics, and a fantastic co-op experience, Resident Evil 5 was one of the best games I played this year.

2. Fishing Girl

Probably the best game I ever bought for a dollar (80 Microsoft points), Fishing Girl on the Indie Game Marketplace on Xbox 360 is a relaxing and fun fishing game that combines a unique art style with simple and addicting gameplay. With many items to purchase to enhance your experience, this game will last you a while. It really blew me away. Sometimes simplicity is really the best. Download a trial of the game here if you like.

1. Sunny Day Sky

My favorite game of 2009 is actually a game that’s been out a little bit longer than that. Found on Orisinal.com, this little browser game has eaten up a lot of of my time. With simple controls, addictive gameplay, a nice soundtrack, and a colorful pallette, Sunny Day Sky redefines web-browser games. Works amazing on the Wii’s internet channel. Try it out here and take a look at the other games on the site.

Curious as to what my top 10 favorite games of 2008 was? Check this link out to see!


2 responses

  1. Uncharted is my No.2 mod 2 is No.1

    December 25, 2009 at 4:08 pm

  2. I really want to get a PS3 one day to play Uncharted 2 >_<

    December 29, 2009 at 11:03 pm

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