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Video Game Spotlight: The World Ends With You

The World Ends With You is a an Action JRPG game. After reading many positive reviews about the game, I thought I would purchase it and give it a chance. Unfortunately, after 15 hours of playing, I can say that  I should have rented it first.

I really like JRPG’s – Final Fantasy (particularly 7 and 8), Chrono Cross.. I was expecting to enjoy the story, and kept on waiting for an interesting character or an emotional moment to occur but I could not connect at all with the story. The battle mechanics are also a bit off, as you use the DS Stylus in a variety of different ways to input attacks.

While the graphics and soundtrack are decent, without a compelling cast of characters and a storyline I can immerse myself into, The World Ends With Me pressing the power button off and moving on.


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