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Top 13 Lines That Will Be Missed On Halo 2

April 15 2010 is the day Microsoft discontinues Xbox LIVE for all Original Xbox games. Which means you probably won’t hear these lines very much anymore on Halo 2 for Original Xbox since you won’t be able to play the game online soon.

Some  lines are well known, others are ones that I encountered but probably are not as common. There are many other lines that I have heard while playing Halo 2 online, but they are not suitable to being published.

13. “He’s using a Modded Xbox. He can make Warthogs fly!”
12. “How did you do that?”
11. “Using a noob combo – noob!”
10. “They are super-jumping!”
9. “Who’s your Daddy?” *In Deep Voice Mask*
8. “How did you get that bungie.net thing on the back of your Gamertag?”
7. “Let’s play Football!” (Popular custom game on the Sanctuary level.)
6. “We are swimming in the pool. Jump! Splish Splash!” (Referring to Coagulation’s water cave.)
5. “Can you butterfly me up?” (A strange way to elevate someone higher by using the sword.)
4. “Let’s go down the slide!” (Referring to Terminal’s roof slide.)
3.Dual pink power!” (Referring to the ability to dual wield the Needler.)
2. “I don’t want to play Zombies on Zanzibar again…”
1. “Want to join my clan? I’ll make you an Overlord!”

Have any lines that you remember hearing? Or anyone of your own?

Will you miss the experience on the Xbox?

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