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A Satirical Homage To Dostoyevsky’s Notes from Underground

I just read Part One of this existential novel. For those who read Notes from Underground, you might get a laugh out of my creative writing here:

No one ever listens to me! I am a pompous brat who wishes to annihilate the human race. The human mannerisms are quite peculiar I should say, and I don’t like the sporadic behavior that is often accompanied by an apology if one is to be sympathetic.

Oh, but wait! But I myself am a human. But I don’t fall into their category. No, I’m wiser than them all. I can control myself and not act on such foolish thoughts. Politics is nothing but a waste of time, the real truth is hidden behind the words. Who made the politicians the leaders anyways?

The words. Oh the humanity. If one were not able to speak and write, what would be of us all? We could only express ourselves in body language. We can’t even understand each other when speaking the same language. It’s all a matter of perspective you know.

Gentlemen, I implore you to understand my inane ramblings. For if I get rid of the human race, you won’t have anyone else in this world. Just who are the humans I want to get rid of? Those that won’t listen to me! I have a point you know. But it takes a while to get to it. Let me finish!

Look at the flowers. They just grow and die. They don’t bother anyone! Why can’t we all be like flowers. All individuals but tied down to the ground, retaining our roots? Humans have seemed to forgotten the idea of compassion. Now it is the words that fill our minds and don’t let anything else in. Bah!


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