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My Top 10 Memorable TV Shows

I’ve been watching television since as long as I can remember. Turning on the television throughout the years, just knowing something’s on has always been comforting. Some shows however have been more memorable for me than others, and here’s my top ten list of tv shows that stick out to me.

10. Care Bears: Probably one of the first television shows I remember watching, I used to wake up early in the morning to see what was happening in Care-A-Lot. Beastly and Shreeky, the two funny antangonists in the show, always had me laughing. But I think the message the tv series had was very positive. Care Bears has been through a recent revival, but the new series is just not the same.

9. Laverne & Shirley: I used to watch reruns of this television show growing up. I thought the show was so funny. The catchy theme is a classic. There was something very endearing about this series, and even though it’s over 20 years old, it’s still a great show to watch.

8. Alias: I only caught a few episodes back when it was on television, as it conflicted with another program I was watching. I watched the entire DVD series a few years ago and it was very addicting. The suspense was phenomenal, the acting incredible. I loved the cast of characters, and the series finale was perfect.

7. Charmed: Magic? Awesome! One day I just turned on the television and these three sisters with magical powers came alive, and I tried to catch each episode when it aired. When one of the main cast members left the show, it was not the same anymore, but I still enjoyed it. The series is still on TNT, and every now and then I turn it on and relive old memories.

6. Big Brother: I remember when this series first premiered. I thought the concept was so interesting, random strangers living in a house, nowhere to go, with cameras on them all the time. Some of  the people on the show have been really memorable and I often wondered how I would be in their situation. Luckily, this series is still on the air, and as a Psych minor in college, it makes the show even more interesting.

5. Roswell: Aliens. Always curious if they exist. Well, in this show, they do. The characters in the show really pulled you in, though Season 2 became very dark, and almost became too much for me to handle. Only lasting three seasons, the show was canceled due to low ratings. Sometimes the best television series are often the ones that never get enough attention. I think the show would do really well now. It just may have been ahead of its time. Would love to see a revival, the series finale left a few questions up in the air. Jason Katims, the producer of the show, works on the new series Parenthood which I have been enjoying.

4. The Amazing Race: This show is amazing! If you watch one episode, you want to watch them all. The premise is to race around the world with a partner completing challenges. Just seeing the different cities makes this show phenomenal. It’s a competition of course, as teams are competing against one another. It’s still on the air having completed over 15 seasons. I’d love to do something like this. For those on the show, it must be one of the most memorable events in their lifetime.

3. Passions: One day I turned on the television and there was this magic necklace floating in the air. From that day on, I was hooked. Many times the plots dragged on forever. I’d come back two months later and the show was still at the same spot where it left off. Yes, this was one crazy soap opera. One of my memorable moments was when some of the cast members somehow took a trip through the yellow brick road. The series ended a few years back, but there’s still a huge fanbase out there, and it’s still showing in Canada. Lucky Canadians. And that theme song is still stuck in my mind.

2. 24: I got my family into this series. I saw some previews for this show on FOX. I was right there for the series premiere, while my brother and father were watching Smallville at the time. I nudged them to try seeing the show, and they got hooked. Sadly, the series ended a few weeks ago, but it was an amazing run. The plotlines were shocking, and sometimes the show was a bit too risky killing off so many characters. But in the end, I think it paid off. Looking forward to the movies.

1. The X-Files: What can I say about this show? It’s the only series I own completely on DVD. 9 seasons, so many memorable episodes. The cast was extraordinary. I guess I really do like supernatural shows. Too many amazing things to mention about this series. Agent Mulder and Agent Scully really made me wonder if the truth is really out there.


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