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Video Game Spotlight: Noby Noby Boy

Mix a little bit of Cubivore and Katamari Damacy, and something like Noby Noby Boy is made. Available for only $5 on the Playstation Network Store for PS3, Noby Noby (which I keep on calling it Numa Numa *sighs*) puts you in control of BOY, a little stretchy creature in which the idea of the game is to do whatever you like. You can also eat the levels, starting from something small and progressing to bigger things the more you grow.

You can report how much you stretch to GIRL and you can unlock new levels as the game calculates everyone’s reports from around the world. It’s a relaxing game and one really cool feature is the ability to upload videos from the game to YouTube. It’s really easy and I hope more games will use this feature. Definitely check it out if you’re looking for something different.


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