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Movie Spotlight: Neverwas

Neverwas is a fantasy thriller film. If you’ve ever seen Pan’s Labyrnith, it’s a little similar to that but more family-friendly. Bridge to Terabithia would be another good example. The film is about a man (Zach Riley) who decides to work at a mental institution because he wanted to help the patients as his father was a patient in the mental institution and never got the proper help he needed. He meets one of his patients, Gabriel Finch, and Zach is told about a place called Neverwas.

Neverwas was a book written by his father, but unbeknowsnt to him, Gabriel says Neverwas is real. Maggie Page (played by Brittany Murphy) also stars in this film as Zach’s friend who helps him. Had I seen this film a few years ago, it would not have been as sad — Brittany Murphy passed away recently and she acted wonderfully in this film. Worth a watch!


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