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Video Games That Interest Me: The Fall Season

It’s too early to tell if I’ll be purchasing these games, but here’s some games that I’ve been interested in about. I’ve ranked them in order of percentage that I’m most likely to buy. What games in the fall interest you? Anything from this list that you might get?

Phantasy Star Portable on the PSP was a pretty good game, but had no online multiplayer. The sequel fixes that with free online multiplayer! With a release date of September 16th, and a price point of  $36.99, it’s a very tempting day one purchase.

However, if I have no friends who end up getting the game, it might just be a rental first to see if it’s worth the purchase plunge.

I am actually more interested in getting the Limited Edition at Gamestop, it’s got so much cool stuff (awesome bookends!!) Once again, Little Big Planet 2 also depends on if my friends are buying it, but I may just get it anyways regardless because the collector’s edition is so cool.

One amazing thing about Little Big Planet is that you can create your own levels and search for people’s levels online. Jurassic Park, Care Bears, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Harry Potter.. the list goes on.. search for something, and it will probably pop up. Little Big Planet 2 is set to release November 16th.

I loved Goldenye on the Nintendo 64. So when Goldeneye was announced on the Wii, I was pretty amazed. 16 player multiplayer sounds great. Many of the campaign levels from the original game are being redone, which sounds cool. I’ll probably get this game but I may want to rent it first to see if it’s worth buying.

Goldeneye has a release date of November 2nd.

I played the Halo Reach beta and was on the fence on whether or not to get this game which is set to be released on September 14th.

Interest in this game increased when I found out some of my favorite Halo 2 maps would be in this game, re-done. If I were to get this game, I’d love to buy the legendary edition version, but will I have the money to get something so expensive?  It’s $150! The Halo Reach 360 bundle also looks amazing..

Actually set to be released August 26th 2010 thanks to XSEED (one of my favorite new companies, because of  Fragile Dreams). Ivy the Kiwi looks to be a unique platformer game.

The graphics are beautiful but I don’t know enough from the previews. I think a rental would be best to try it out first.

I love Kirby.  The game is set to be released on October 31st on the Wii.

The graphics looked very interesting. But how long is this game?

I think a rental would be best first before I buy it.

Donkey Kong Country! I loved the series on the Super Nintendo. The gameplay looked like tons of fun but I question how long this game is. I think a rental is best first. The tentative release date is November 30th.

After disappearing from consoles for about five years now, I’m excited The Sims are back. But I got bored of The Sims. Do I think I’ll enjoy the sequel? If there’s online multiplayer that should be a new interesting feature. However, a rental may be needed first. Release date is set to be on October 26th.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep just looks like a great game. It’s a prequel so perhaps I won’t need to know the entire Kingdom Hearts storyline. I’ve only played two of the games in the series, so I’m hoping it would be just as much as enjoyable.

However, do I have time to play an RPG with my busy college schedule? The game is set to be released September 7th. I think a rental first would be a good idea.

Epic Mickey looks great. This intriguing platformer certainly has some unique game ideas to it, such as painting and erasing things to effect gameplay.

However despite all of the great previews, knowing the problem I’ve had with Wii games because of their controls, it’s best I rent this game first.

Release date is set to be November 30th.

I really wanted to enjoy Sonic Unleashed, but the gameplay was just too fast for me. I’m hoping Sonic Colors will be a great game as I miss playing a good sonic game since Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast.

I don’t really know much about this game, so a rental first would be a wise choice.

The game is set to be released November 16th.

Sesame Street Cookie Counting Carnival! I love Cookie Monster. Wait, I’m kidding, I’m not actually considering getting this game.

But just in case you are interested, the release date is October 21st. There’s also an Elmo game coming out around the same time too.

There’s one final game that I’m interested in getting.. Dance Dance Revolution for PS3! But I think I’ve overdosed in Dance Dance Revolution articles so enough about it! Tentative release date is November 1st.  It will probably be a day one purchase.


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