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Interviewed By Genuine Gamers

A website called Genuine Gamers interviewed me (Silvercube) awhile back but I forgot to mention it here on Silvercublogger. Here’s a link to the interview!

I’ve reposted the information here as well.

How did you choose your gamertag?

A long time ago my brother and I thought of creating a video game company. We came up with the idea of combining our last name and adding “two” at the end, but Silvertwo sounded strange so he ended up picking cube. Years later when we started learning roots in math we found out that “cube” is actually three. So technically we should be Silversquare. We still have not created a video game company, but the Gamertag was created by him and he introduced me to Xbox LIVE and eventually gave me sole ownership of it.

How long have you been gaming and how did you get into it?

I started gaming when I was a toddler. One day my brother and I went up into the attic and we found some old Donkey Kong and Frogger handheld arcade units. My older brother and sister gave it to us soon afterwords.

Comparing your first memories of gaming, to what you experience now, how do they differ?

I enjoyed gaming better when I was younger, I had a longer attention span and much more free time on hand. It was also really cool to see how the technology evolved as the years went by. Now graphics can’t really get much better than they already have so it’s more important to come up with unique and interesting games which sadly are quite a rarity.

What’s your favourite game on the Xbox 360 and what makes it your favourite?

That’s a difficult question to answer. I would say for an Xbox 360 retail disc game, it would be a tie between Kameo and the Dance Dance Revolution games. Kameo has an amazing world to explore which you could even play online co-op with, and the Dance Dance Revolution games are a lot of fun because the music rocks.

Do you have a specific type of game you like to play, or are you happy playing a variety of genres?

I will pretty much play anything if it can hold my attention. I don’t really have a specific type of game I play, though Lumines is one of my all-time favorites. It also can depend on what kind of gaming mood I’m in.

What do you love about the Xbox 360?

What I love most about the Xbox 360 is that it’s constantly evolving. The system updates are perhaps the best thing ever created since chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

If you could make any changes to Xbox LIVE or the Forums, what would they be and why?

For Xbox LIVE, I would love the ability to meet other gamers with similar personalities and gaming interests as me by somehow customizing my Gamertag profile. The Gamerzones was one step, but Microsoft can expand on it so much further. For the Forums, it would be awesome if I could completely customize the “My Forums” section. There’s a lot of threads that I’d like to keep tabs on, but they get lost and bookmarking them all would be very time consuming. I’d also love for the Forum profile to return which gave us the option to list our favorite games.

What do you think about Kinect, and will you be purchasing the device?

When I saw the “Milo” demo, I was amazed, but as of this moment it seems that the Kinect has yet to reach its potential. I have played with Kinect and because I am tall I had to stand back quite a bit which is not so good for smaller televisions. I also had a difficult time using the Kinect, it did not accurately detect my movements. Honestly, I enjoy sitting on the couch with a controller much more then waving my arms around. After a long day of college, I just want to relax.

Do you utilize your Xbox 360 for anything other than gaming?

I enjoy using last.fm and occasionally watch DVD’s on my 360. But for the most part, I bought it for gaming and that’s mostly what I do on the 360. I do enjoy browsing the Dashboard a lot though.

What do you do when you’re not playing Xbox 360?

As of September 2010, I’m a senior at college, full-time. I enjoy working on our college newspaper where I serve as Editor-in-Chief and Design Editor. It’s a lot of work but it’s very rewarding to see the finished product published. I am also a Moderator on Forums for Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution website and nbc.com. I love helping people, and it’s great to see someone walk away with a “virtual smile” after I help them. I also enjoy making YouTube videos, but they are mainly music videos of some kind. Finally, I like writing and have my own blog at silvercube.wordpress.com. I enjoy spending time with family and friends and traveling places. I live in Florida (at the time of this writing) and there’s a lot of things to do here.

If you could pick any Xbox 360 gaming character, who would you be and why?

I suppose I would pick some random villager in Kameo. The world is quite peaceful there and it would be a nice place to live.

Who is the most memorable person or situation you’ve encountered on LIVE or on the forums?

The most memorable situation would be when my friends and I would play Halo 2 online and we would fall asleep playing custom games and wake up and play more. One time we were playing for three days without ever leaving the lobby. Good times. I have a life now though, lol.

How long have you been an Ambassador?  What do you like most about being an Ambassador?

I became an Ambassador before Halo 3 was released. What I like most about being an Ambassador is meeting and helping people even more. Because of the Xbox.com Ambassador list, I have made some great friends and helped many people.

If you had invested money in another hobby besides gaming what would it be?

Definitely airplane tickets. I’d love to travel the world, Japan is on the top of my list. It’s been a huge inspiration to me. Anime, video games, technology. Not too mention the scenery. I’m hoping maybe someone will create a virtual world game with Kinect. That would be amazing. Imagine the possibility of picking a city and actually touring it, from the convenience of your Xbox 360!


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