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My Top 10 Video Games of 2010

Another year, another top 10 games list. 2010 was an interesting year for games, with Kinect and Move being released (and neither really has held my attention for too long) and quite a good year for game systems. Here’s my top 10 favorite games released in 2010:

10. Goldeneye 007: It may not have been everything Nintendo 64 fans wanted, but this Goldeneye game for the Wii featured a decent campaign with nice graphics, a fun online multiplayer experience, and a good soundtrack.

9. 100 Classic Books: This Nintendo DS game is priced at only $19.99, and it’s a great deal with 100 books to read, simple controls, background music, and the ability to download more books online. Best of all, this game will last a very long time, making it perfect to take with everywhere you go. Read my review about this game here.

8. Phantasy Star Portable 2: Finally, a Phantasy Star game that is free to play online! This PSP game really shines, with great graphics, an addicting online multiplayer experience.. and best of all, it’s on sale for a limited time in December 2010 for less than $20 on the Playstation Store!

7. ilomilo: This whimsical puzzler is really fun to play and the great soundtrack and unique graphics makes the game quite enjoyable. While the game may get more difficult as time goes on, it’s certainly worth 800 Microsoft points!

6. Perfect Dark: Finally, the Nintendo 64 classic is released for Xbox 360 on the Marketplace. The graphics received a high-definition upgrade, and the campaign was still fun to play even ten years later. The online multiplayer features left a little to be desired for, but getting a full party of friends online in this game makes for a good time.

5. Kirby’s Epic Yarn: This artistic Wii game really is something special. The controls are simple, the levels ever-changing, the music fantastic, and it can also be played cooperatively with one other person. All that’s missing is the ability to play it online, but it’s a great game regardless!

4. Alan Wake: Having been in development for years, this “X-Files-ish” game certainly piqued my interest, with a twisting story told through an episodic format. The special edition version really helped round out the package for this game, featuring incredible packaging and some nice exclusives. Great graphics, good gameplay, and a chilling soundtrack make this game something memorable.

3.  Halo Reach: The campaign was nothing too special. But the multiplayer still shines, with some of the best maps (finally most of the maps are more colorful!) With new player features and more downloadable content on the way, I’ll be playing this game for quite a while longer.

2. Heavy Rain: The developer Quantic Dream was responsible for one of my all-time favorites, Indigo Prophecy. So it’s no surprise this PS3 game is near the top of my list. With amazing graphics and soundtrack, a deep story and immersive environment, this game is certainly worth the price of admission.

1. Fragile Dreams – Farewell Ruins of the Moon: This Nintendo Wii game was the most memorable game I’ve played this year. There were mixed reviews, but I thoroughly enjoyed the story and could not put the game down. The anime graphics, beautiful soundtrack, sad and emotional storyline, and unique but simple gameplay really made this game something special. Read my review about this game here.

Honorable Mentions: Deathspank, Hydrophobia, Mass Effect 2, Chime, Pinball FX 2, and Spatial Rift.

What are your favorite games of 2010?


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