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Movie Spotlight: Saw – The Final Chapter

I’ve been watching the Saw series since it first released. Each movie has had its ups and downs, some being better than others. I did not enjoy the gruesome moments, but rather the underlying theme and interwoven plot throughout the movies. While a bit disjointed over the seven films, this purported seventh film is the last, and sadly seems to have lost its roots a little.

The people put to the test are not too worthy of such cruelty,  a sense of hope is lost as the plot that has carried the series is put on a back-burner focusing more on characters new to this movie which are not too worthy of screen time. Does this movie bring closure? For me, no it did not. I’d like to see one more Saw film really give its all bringing back all surviving characters and/or relatives of characters from the film series and an end to the madness that is “Saw”. If you’re new to the Saw series, I don’t recommend watching this. Best to start from the beginning but only if you have several hours to waste as ultimately the Saw series is not Oscar-worthy cinema.


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