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Best & Worst Bottled Water

Ever wondered if the bottled water you’re drinking is any good? This list tells all. Surprisingly there’s quite a few shocks in store, but bear in mind the list is only graded by what the water companies provide, i.e. the website did not actually test the water to see what chemicals are in it, but rather assigned a grade mainly for how much information the water bottle/company/website provides.

Nestle Pure Life was rated one of the best (which is one I frequently purchase) and Voss water was rated an F, which is one of my favorites. I will still drink Voss as it tastes and feels fine. A few bottled water brands I never enjoyed drinking was Aquafina, Dasani, and Crystal Geyser, and they all scored very low. The website urges using filtered tap water instead of buying bottled water but at least there are some good bottled water alternatives.


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