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~ In Memory Of Betty Garrett

During the Oscars this year, there was a “memorium” of celebrated people who passed away recently. Betty Garrett was not mentioned as she had passed right before the Oscars took place, but while watching The View this week, her name appeared on screen and it immediately hit home for me.

Betty Garret passed away February 12 2011 at 91 years young (which is ironically around the same month and day my grandfather passed away many years ago). I grew up watching Betty from the show Laverne & Shirley, one of my favorite shows of all time. Betty played the friendly and caring landlord Edna Babish for many years on the show, and had a great warmth to her.

I came across a personal blog of a friend of Betty’s (which you can see here) in which there was a few beautiful posts about Betty’s passing which really captured her essence.

She will be missed but never far away as we can see her every day still on TV, thanks to the DVD’s. She was a true “Golden Girl”  ~ Peace and love.


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