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Video Game Spotlight: Dead or Alive Dimensions

Dead or Alive Dimensions is the first DOA game on a Nintendo system and features great graphics and a good fighting system. There’s a variety of modes to choose from, the main attraction being Chronicle mode which is a story spanning five long chapters, weaving previous DOA titles together in a slightly coherent fashion. The first four chapters are decent, but chapter five drops off into repetitive cutscenes that were previously shown. Aside from story mode, there’s a lot to unlock (characters and figurines) but it only stays interesting for so long.

As a DOA fan, I think this game makes a good rental for a week – a purchase is not quite necessary. Even with online play, there’s not much reason to invest $40 unless you really can see yourself playing a fighting game for a longer period of time. Overall it’s a good game but I still prefer DOA Ultimate from Original Xbox which had the most content.


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