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Forgetting What Could Be

In life, there’s one thing at times that I forget or perhaps don’t really treasure. The possibility of growing up where you are completely stuck and only know what you are taught. Watching the video “Inside a school for suicide bombers” I see an unfortunate world where children are taught to carry out attacks. This heartbreaking video made me realize that if you don’t have the proper support and development, a person is capable of doing anything. A person does have a choice, but if it’s so fundamentally absorbed into a person’s mind that attacking other people is good, than it’s very difficult to stop this from happening. It’s frustrating and sickening.

One thing I wonder is if any of the students have an innate sense that what they are being taught is wrong. This sense is obviously a difficult one because we see through history that people are susceptible to doing horrendous things, and even more so in a group. However, I am hoping that for everyone out there in this world, a person’s sense of intuition and the idea of thinking twice or three times about things being said may help in making this world a better place. Just because everyone else is doing something, does not mean it’s okay.  I imagine it would be difficult to come to this realization in extreme situations.


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