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Gamer Banter: Falling Into Gaming Again, Maybe?

The fall and winter gaming release schedule is generally known for its bombardment of great titles, and this year seems to be better than the last. Here’s some select highlights that have me intrigued:

Solatorobo, one of the last great (and unknown) releases for the aging Nintendo DS, is being published by XSEED (responsible for publishing Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon, one of my favorite games of all time). 

With a release date set for September 29 and the inclusion of a soundtrack in first-run copies, it’s an enticing purchase. The game, from what I’ve read and watched, is an action-RPG with anime cutscenes and with even more quests available to download online. Only time will tell if I’ll enjoy it but XSEED is known for great games (Little King’s Story anyone?)

Deepak Chopra “Leela” is a relaxing video game. Not many of those, so this can either be very good or dreadfully terrible. I’ll be starting graduate college at the end of August, and this might help to relax if things get too intense. The graphics look really cool (reminiscent of Child of Eden). Other than that, not really sure about it but I’m interested in trying it out.

The game is available for Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii and its release date is currently November 8. Maybe I can finally use the Kinect a bit more, it’s been collecting quite a bit of dust.

This Nintendo 3DS game has potential, it’s a ghost-hunting game using augmented reality. That is, your own personal living space. The 3DS has the ability to change whatever your environment is into a “virtual playground” – which is rather interesting. Props for originality, only time will tell if it’s good. The game is set to be released October 11.

Other mentions:  Kirby Mass Attack, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Uncharted 3, Mario Kart 7. There may be other games on the horizon that are good or seem interesting, though I’m probably just not aware of it. Time will tell!

This post was part of Gamer Banter, a monthly video game discussion coordinated by Terry at Game Couch. If you’re interested in being part of this, please email him for details.

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3 responses

  1. If I had a 3DS I’d be all over The Hidden!

    August 18, 2011 at 5:06 pm

  2. With the 3DS price drop to $169, it’s now more affordable, though still not a must-buy for everyone.

    August 18, 2011 at 6:07 pm

  3. I didn’t even need a gaming device to fall back into gaming.
    My Android phone is the main culprit for this.
    Chameleon War is taking over my life!!!
    I out the link is the website box so I can make some fellow addicts :P

    November 18, 2011 at 6:01 am

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